Swivel Head Camera

        Complete Camera outfit

  • Pictured right shows the outfit with both the 90m and 120m Rod and Reel.
  • The standard is 60m length with a rod diameter of 7.5mm which contains 6 conductors.
  • Pictured below are the Protector Cage and the Roller.
  • The Control box contain all the functions needed to control the Camera, built in electronic length measuring and a keyboard for data entry.
  • Screen size: 175 x 137mm.
    Operates on 240v ac and 12 volt dc power
    Dimensions: 19.8kg, h.430 w.480 d.300mm

  • The swivel function is unique to the Inspection camera.
  • The feature lets you see in nearly any direction (except backwards).
  • It also swivels160 degrees up and down and rotates a full 360 degrees.
  • Inbuilt are LED`s which will also swivel in any direction.
  • Camera can focus from "0" to infinite and can withstand pressure up to 5 Bar.
  • Dimensions: 51.5mm diameter and 126mm long



Protection Cage
Fits over the Camera and protects the glass from scratching.

Roller Cage
Fits over the Camera and makes it easy to push and pull inside any pipe from 100mm+ diameter. Fitted with 12 rollers rollers.