Pipe Inspection Cameras

Without Towed Cable
Summary of Products


Without Towed Cable
The new camera inspection systems without a towed cable offers entirely new possibilities for inspecting pipes and cavities. Where pipe defects, blockages etc. occur, this rapid and simple method of inspection enables a technically correct, problem-solving decision to be taken that has been      optimized for cost. The colour camera is particularly able to demonstrate its benefits where municipal systems are connect-ed to houses. Handling the camera is simplified significantly by the integration of the control and supply lines into the fiberglass connecting rod. Katimex offers a standard design consisting of a swivel head camera (360" rotation, 110"- swivel) with remote control focusing.

This camera can produce a sharp image of any desired point within a cavity The camera can be changed quickly because of the plug and socket connection. The best possible inspection results are achieved with the standard camera in pipes with an internal diameter of up to 200 mm. The cam-era can also be used for locating unknown pipe routes by adding a special reel.

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  • Works without a towed cable
  • Can be used in very small pipes - from 23 mm diameter using the colour mini-camera
  • First class image reproduction 
  • Controllable swivel head camera
  • Suitable for underwater use at up to 5 bar
  • Quick change camera, due to plug and socket connection
  • Large colour monitor and easy to use operating unit in a robust aluminum case
  • Connection to video-recording equipment or data storage on lap-top


Whether for use in cable-laying or sewers, the Katimex camera inspection system is easy to use and provides precise information quickly on defects
in pipe systems.

If the swivel head camera is used with a carriage on rollers, a long section of pipeline can be inspected easily. The camera is kept out of the effluent when being used in sewage pipelines or connections to houses.

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Summary of Products 

Camera Inspection System KIS 47/30
Complete system consisting of a swivel head colour camera, control box, and reel.

Swivel Head Camera: colour, max. Housing diameter 47 mm, with protective housing 62 mm, housing length 124 mm. Light sensitivity > 0.2 Lux, unlimited rotation in the axial direction, vertical swivel 110°, illumination swivels with the unit and can be dimmed. Adjustment of focus from 0 to infinity, resistant to water pressure to 5 bar, with a quick change plug and socket connection.

Control box-base unit: Aluminum case colour 10" monitor with 25.4 cm digital screen measurement, connection 220 V, incl. Plug and socket connections and cable. Reel: Portable, cage diameter 630 mm with 30 m glass fibre rod, 7.4 mm diameter, with quick change plug and socket connection, slip ring transformer.

Weight: 23.0 kg       
Article No.: 104003 

Camera Inspection System KIS 47/50
Swivel head camera and control base unit as KIS 47/30, article No. 104003 except:

Reel: Mobile, cage diameter 750 mm with 50 m fibre-glass rod, 7.4 mm diameter, with quick change plug and socket connection, slip ring transformer.

Weight: 29.0 kg
Article No.: 104005

Camera Inspection System KIS 47/120
Swivel head camera and control box base unit as KIS 47/30, article No. 104003 except:

Reel: Mobile, cage diameter 750 mm with 120 m fibre-glass rod, 7.4 mm diameter. With quick change plug and socket connection, slip ring transformer.

Weight: 33.0 kg
Article No.: 104012

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Control box and base units fitted with battery and power pack for running time of up to approx. 1.5 hours; charge the battery gently using the pulse method, max. Charging time 1 hour.

Weight: 2.0kg
Article No.: 104200

Inspection Camera IK 22/50
For KIS with max. 50 m fiberglass rod camera colour 22 mm diameter, housing length 65 mm with high elasticity spring and quick change plug and socket connection, total length approx. 1 70 mm, light sensitivity > 0.5 Lux with LED illumination, protected from water

Weight: 0.2kg
Article No.: 104205

Inspection Camera IK 22/250
See IK22 50 Article No. 104 205. Except for KIS with a 51 m or longer fibreglass rods

Weight: 0.2kg
Article No.: 104220

Length Measuring Unit
For precise determination of the distance traveled, attachment to reel only, reel diameter 750 mm.

Weight: 0.75 kg
Article No.: 103050

Roller Carriage for Swivel Head Camera
For pipe internal diameters 105 mm and above, mount-ed on 12 rollers, KU rollers on steel axle's robust KU body simply cleaned using a jet of water. External diameter 104 mm, length 64 mm.

Weight: 0.30 kg
Article No.: 104039

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