Global Inspection Camera


  • 15cm black and white monitor
  • AC/DC power supply & 12 Volt battery
  • Korean made black and white infrared camera
  • German made 30m x 4.5mm fibreglass rod
  • Traceable Rod with 4 conductors
  • Compact reel with rubber handle and slip ring
  • Carry case included
  • AV input/ output
  • 8 LED lights


  1. Sewage infrastructure
  2. Drainage pipes
  3. Internal wall cavity inspection
  4. Sub surface inspection
  5. Chimneys
  6. Air conditioning ducts
  7. Plumbers
  8. Electricians
  9. Aeronautical applications

Easy Application

  • Just unwind and push through pipe
  • View and record if necessary.
  • Simply rewind and stow.

Individual Parts

  • Korean made black and white infrared camera.
  • Camera is fitted wit 8 LED lights.
  • Camera vision 60 deg
  • 15 cm length inc spring and connector.
  • 23mm diameter
  • 1/8 bar pressure capabilities
  • Allows submersion of 5m in water
  • 12 months warranty (except fiberglass rod)

Parts & Accessories

Protecter ball for camera head
Part no SWJ-2157
Connecter cable from reel to monitor
Part no SWJ-2154
Metal carry case for protection
Part no SWJ-2155 Dimensions L 57cm H 37cm W 19cm Weight full 10kg
Black and White 15cm monitor
Part no SWJ-2152 Dimensions L 19cm H 16cm W 15cm
Rechargeable battery
Part no SWJ-2156
Rod and reel assembly
Part no SWJ-2153 Diameter 33cm width 11cm
Power adaptors
Part no SWJ-2158 (monitor) Part no SWJ-2159 (for battery with clips)