Mist Makers
Lights - LED & Halogen
Submersible or External Pond Light
Pump Spares


Mist Makers

DK5,DK6 & DK9 Multi Disc Foggers

Colours of light change automatically. Creates a magical mist from water in seconds - no chemicals needed.

• Add a drop or two of aromatic oil to the water for a soothing fragrance
• Meets all safety regulations
• Suitable for outdoor ponds

DN24 - 9 Led Display Fogger
DH24B - 12 Led Display Fogger


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Light Kits (submersible only)

Light, colour and fantasy in your pond!

The PJ colour rotating disc and the PJ LIGHT submersible spotlights are ideal to illuminate and colour  the pond.

Rotating colour discs add an extra dimension to pond lighting.  Supplied as a kit to fit directly to most submersible style pumps and used in conjunction with a submersible light, the disc rotates above a fixed light changing the colour of the fountain nozzle as it rotates.

All above available with or without transformers.

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LED Lights (Submersible or External)


     QL72 (3 colour)        QL60 RYB                QL12 (with barb)        QL120           QL144C 


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Pump Spares




The level regulators (float switches) allow electrical equipment to start and stop automatically (usually pumps, but also electric control valves, alarms, etc.) when a prefixed level has been reached.

Is highly reliable thanks to multiple closure device on the fairlead.

This is the most universally used float switch in the world for the automation of pumps and is used directly by pump producers. The models with cable 3x1 or cable 4G1 can be used for filling or emptying function according to the cables that have been connected.

The models with 3G1 cable (with ground) or UL cable are set for one function only, and that is for filling or emptying.



Round, Square & Piggyback type Float switches

Sizes available 3,5,10,20 & 50m cable (counterweights included)

High water or low water alarm which turns the pump on or off.

Also available in different configurations and cable lenghths such as "Piggyback Floatswitches" Tank Filling OR Tank Emptying.



Other Accessories

Product Code Description
SRM-A3S Floatswitch 3m Square PVC Inc Counter Weight
SRM-A5S Floatswitch 5m Square PVC Inc Counter Weight
SRM-A10R Floatswitch 10m Round PVC Inc Counter Weight
SRM-A10S Floatswitch 10m Square PVC Inc Counter Weight
SRM-A20R Floatswitch 20m Round PVC Inc Counter Weight
SRM-A50R Floatswitch 50m Round PVC Inc Counter Weight
A-Count Counter Weights
SRM-2 20-40 Pressure switch 20-40 psi
SRM-2 30-50 Pressure switch 30-50 psi
SRM-2 40-60 Pressure switch 40-60 psi
TK50908 Global Loss of Prime Switch
EPAEASYCON Easy Press Control
SPER 1100 Marina Press Control
FSPB-3M Piggy Back 3m Tank (E) Emptying or (F) Filling
FSPB-5M Piggy Back 5m Tank (E) Emptying or (F) Filling
FSPB-10M Piggy Back 10m Tank (E) Emptying or (F) Filling
FSPB-20M Piggy Back 20m Tank (E) Emptying or (F) Filling
FSPB-50M Piggy BAck 50m Tank (E) Emptying or (F) Filling

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